Interested In Joining our Crew?

The Fairplain Yacht Club is one of the biggest and unique dining and entertainment
venues in the state!  We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and quality
products; whether it's our food or our drinks - we strive in making every order the best
experience for our customers.

We are looking for Crew Members that will share our goals and high standards of
customer service.  The right Crew Member will possess a positive attitude, willingness to
learn new concepts, works well with others, the ability to keep their sea legs when the
waters get rough and is ready to work hard.
Accepting applications for the following positions:
  • Bartenders
  • Kitchen Prep
  • Kitchen Support
  • Food Servers/Expediters/Hostess
Please click here for an employment application.  
Only complete applications will be considered.  
Please bring completed applications in person to the

Fairplain Yacht Club - Monday - Friday 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.